Gas Industry Equipment

We are the representative of Chengdu Qinchuan Technology Development Co, China in Pakistan.
Qinchuan specializes in large scale manufacturing of equipment for Oil and Gas industry. Chengdu Qinchuan Technology Development Co., Ltd. is specialized in gas meter design, production and sale, located in the state-level economic and technological development zone. It possesses a full range of core technology, including Diaphragm Gas Meters and IC Card Intelligent Gas Meters. It has built gas meter automated production lines, with the annual production capacity of 60 million sets. In gas meter design, development, and manufacturing process, they are in strict accordance with the requirements of system to control every process and check at each level, ensuring stable and reliable product quality.

Qinchuan has developed its integral core technology, especially in IC-card intelligent gas meters, Remotely controlled intelligent gas meters, Safe-cutoff remote control intelligent gas meters, Intelligent gas meter based on internet of things and Bidirectional blockage-free gear-driven special electromagnetically valve for gas meter that have been recognized as international hi-tech leading products.